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Order Custom Lanyards Online to Make Event Branding Pop

Tying together branding throughout a significant event is a unique challenge for any organisation or company. You want guests to be reminded often of who’s hosting without them feeling smothered by over-the-top displays. When it comes to all-around branding challenges such as a big conference or convention, it’s the little things that count.

Custom printed lanyards are an effective way to put your stamp on the event without interrupting the flow of the day. As your guests will be (literally) carrying these custom made lanyards around with them throughout the event, you don’t have to worry if they’re paying attention to where you set a display. The constant reinforcement -- with your colours and logo -- will be right around their neck.

Ordering custom lanyards online that stand out and look amazing is straightforward with ID Online. We have a wide range of options that allow you to customise in colour, shape, and clip type. We can print in up to four colours as well, so your logo or text looks familiar and sharp. When you place your order, you can choose from several add-ons such as safety breakaways and split rings to make sure the lanyard fits your ID card and other needs. All these different options are available for sale even on minimum orders, down to 50 pieces.

As the custom lanyards mavens, we want to provide the highest quality custom lanyards available online. We’ll even send you a free sample pack to help you choose from different options, just click here to request one.

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