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An ID slot punch can be a brilliant investment since it eliminates the need for ID card holders. Let’s say you have a business with 200 employees and everyone needs a security card. At even $0.50 per card holder that comes to $100. Now let’s say you opt to purchase an ID card punching machine for anywhere from $55-$85 and you can see the value in a card slot punch.

These handy devices make it possible to put a clip, cord, or lanyard directly through an ID, access card, or smart card. We offer several ID card punch tools including a one-hole punch (for round swivel clips), a slot punch (for lanyards), and a corner cutter. If you want all these options on one tool the 3-in-1 ID slot punch is an excellent choice while our guided and unguided slot punch functions like a stapler with no mess. The adjustable slot punch will allow a user to punch a standard size card so it can hang in portrait or landscape orientation. The inexpensive corner rounder can give a card a polished, professional look by creating rounded edges. This is a pleasing aesthetic for ID cards that do not require plastic holders.

If you have any questions about these products, please contact us so we can suggest a product that will best suit your needs. We strive to provide superb customer service, and with our fast Australia-wide shipping you will receive what you need when (or before) you need it.

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